J.R. Simmons at Enterprise Connect 2019: "SD WAN Case Studies"

March 18, 2019 2pm

Cost savings are the primary sales pitch for SD-WAN services and equipment, but what are the challenges in realizing those savings—while still maintaining enterprise-grade wide area service? This session asks the experts on these question: End users who have already implemented SD-WAN. You’ll hear about the entire process of SD-WAN adoption, from the budgeting and technical planning phases, through implementation and ongoing maintenance. You’ll learn how much of the promise of SD-WAN is being realized today, and what work remains to be done.


* What problems or un-met needs led to the consideration of SD-WAN?

* How did enterprises go about selecting the specific solution and the vendor?

* Other than cost issues, what has the SD-WAN solution produced for benefits?

* What was the final life-cycle cost comparison; was it as favorable as promised?

* What advice or lessons-learned do enterprise adopters have for their peers?


See more about his speech here.

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