Consulting on state-of-the-art Unified Communications (UC) solutions for voice, video, messaging, contact centers, and collaboration technologies. 

Consulting on fiber, copper, and wireless infrastructure, both in-building and outside plant, as well as server rooms and data centers. 

Implementation project management, oversight, and coordination for any or all communications technology aspects of a major project. 

Selection of the right technology for critical customer-facing interactions, including multi-media contact centers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. 

Operational process improvements for contact centers and IVRs, improving management decisions, employee performance, and customer satisfaction.

Controlling costs, auditing invoices, and maximizing the value for all communications technology services and vendors.

Converged network design to optimize value and performance of voice, data, and video traffic.

Managing the carrier world of both wired and wireless services, including contract benchmarking and value engineering.


Telecommuncation Infrastructure Design from the Ground Up: A New Research-Driven Approach, by J. R. Simmons

by JR Simmons, founder, COMgroup

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