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Contact Center Operations Optimization

Operational process improvements for contact centers and IVRs, improving management decisions, employee performance, and customer satisfaction.

Maintaining service levels in Contact Centers can be challenging, especially when asked to do more with minimal staff.  One way to tackle this challenge is to optimize the processes and operations of the Contact Center.  

A fundamental element of optimizing the process is the analysis of workflow and communication, with the goal of improving performance regardless of the underlying technical components.  We seek to uncover opportunities for process improvement, not just technology updates.  However, we will also examine the system components, configurations, and call flows. 

COMgroup achieves this work with the following tasks:

  • Meet with key individuals to discuss the organizational challenges and goals
  • Observe contact center agents, document the processes looking for inhibiting issues
  • Review the existing set up, call flows, and IVR structure
  • System configuration gap analysis
  • Review work flows and document where missing; identify impact on CC performance

If your challenges include call volumes, service levels, staffing, reporting matrixes, and or keeping your callers happy it may be time to revisit your operational processes.  COMgroup consultants have successfully helped others with these concerns. 

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"COMgroup rearchitected our telecommunications system and left us in great shape for the rest of the decade."

— James Madeupguy, CTO, ABC Inc | Redmond, WA —

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Telecommuncation Infrastructure Design from the Ground Up: A New Research-Driven Approach, by J. R. Simmons

by JR Simmons, founder, COMgroup

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