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Communications Technology Project Management

Implementation project management, oversight, and coordination for any or all communications technology aspects of a major project. 

Our Consultants are experienced Project Managers with multiple project successes as part of their personal accomplishments.  We have overseen the system implementation of all major telecommunication manufacturers, including the collaboration and integration with work stream communications, collaboration, and conferencing technologies. 

We understand the dynamics of diverse project teams and the confusion that surrounds converged and multi-vendor environments.  Our consultants are leaders who teach and educate project teams as needed so we can focus on consensus-based decisions.

Although our results-driven methodology may appear similar to competing firms, it is not. We have created some unique processes that sets us apart from our competitors.

  • We seek needs analysis input from multiple levels within your organization to uncover opportunities for process improvement, not just technology updates.
  • We design every RFP document to meet your specific requirements; we do not use a generic RFP template with standard (and often outdated) requirements.
  • Rather than using a checklist of requirements that most systems already include, we use comprehensive descriptions and use-case scenarios.
  • As part of the RFP we include the template for a comprehensive description of the vendor work effort and require all responding vendors to provide a complete SOW for the proposed solution.

A technically focused PM who is familiar with the unique challenges of telecommunications implementations is important.  We do this well; it is one of the key things we do for a living.

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"COMgroup rearchitected our telecommunications system and left us in great shape for the rest of the decade."

— James Madeupguy, CTO, ABC Inc | Redmond, WA —

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Telecommuncation Infrastructure Design from the Ground Up: A New Research-Driven Approach, by J. R. Simmons

by JR Simmons, founder, COMgroup

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