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Telecom Infrastructure Design and Planning

Consulting on fiber, copper, and wireless infrastructure, both in-building and outside plant, as well as server rooms and data centers.

COMgroup designs, engineers, and coordinates structured cable systems for all types of clients and facilities, including corporate campuses, municipal installations, and data centers. We create the physical infrastructure foundation for reliable, maintainable, manageable, and extensible voice and data networks.

By using the latest technology standards to design our client’s facilities, COMgroup ensures the communications infrastructure systems support technology changes in multi-vendor and diverse technology environments.

We specialize in areas such as:

  • Telecom spaces including Data Centers, service entry facilities, main telecom spaces, equipment rooms, building riser rooms, server/lab environments and coordination of associated supporting spaces.
  • Base building horizontal voice/data infrastructure. Outside plant (OSP) copper and fiber. Backbone copper, fiber and coaxial infrastructure supporting star/bus/ring topologies.
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"COMgroup rearchitected our telecommunications system and left us in great shape for the rest of the decade."

— James Madeupguy, CTO, ABC Inc | Redmond, WA —

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Telecommuncation Infrastructure Design from the Ground Up: A New Research-Driven Approach, by J. R. Simmons

by JR Simmons, founder, COMgroup

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