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Wireless and Wireline Carrier Analysis

Managing the carrier world of both wired and wireless services, including contract benchmarking and value engineering.

Wireless and wireline carrier services can easily become a major operational expense for an organization.  Technology changes impact the how and why a network should be designed to best benefit the organization.  Navigating the carrier services and options can be overwhelming and confusing. 

Whether your organization is looking to reduce operational costs, consolidate the network due to an acquisition, take advantage of new technology, or just want to compare vendors and the options, COMgroup can help you make the right choices.

COMgroup has successfully completed comprehensive carrier projects throughout the years including:

  • Moving from PRI to SIP trunks
  • Traffic engineering and redesign of carrier services to match client requirements
  • Comparing Wide Area Network options, including SD-WAN
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"COMgroup rearchitected our telecommunications system and left us in great shape for the rest of the decade."

— James Madeupguy, CTO, ABC Inc | Redmond, WA —

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Telecommuncation Infrastructure Design from the Ground Up: A New Research-Driven Approach, by J. R. Simmons

by JR Simmons, founder, COMgroup

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